As a child, Bruce Wayne™ watched as his parents were brutally killed in Gotham City™'s Crime Alley™. Traumatized by their deaths, he devoted his life to becoming the world's greatest weapon against crime-the Batman™! He's a master detective and an expert martial artist, but his greatest weapon is his mind. Batman has a plan for every occasion, as well as high-tech weapons, gadgets, and vehicles to assist him in his relentless pursuit of justice! Now, after 10 years in retirement, Batman returns!

Mutant Leader:

Ten years after Batman™'s retirement, a gang of violent mutants stakes a claim on the streets of Gotham City™. Unfortunately for them, the Dark Knight™ is about to prove that these streets are under his protection!"


- Packed with two pocket sized hero or villain at a 3" scale based on the DC Multiverse
- 5 points of articulation to Punch and Kick
- Batman and Mutant Leader are based on their iconic comic book look
- Comes packaged in an a blister pack with an English only reprint of your favorite comics that the figures are based on
- Collect all additional McFarlane Toys DC Page Punchers Today!



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