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The last of the Dark Four to return to Mythoss, Necronominus is the most powerful of these
evil Gods. While the Dark Four have no leader, they all defer to Necronominus, for all their
powers lead to death, and that is his domain. A vision of pure horror clad in tattered vestments and wielding the mighty Godrazor, Necronominus resurrects an army of the undead to follow behind him. They are a mindless force totally devoted to the Lord of Death and his children, an army that swells as fallen foes are touched by the dark magic of the Godrazor to become soldiers for the
Congregation of Necronominus.

Mythic Legions is an expansive fantasy world of action figures created by the award winning Four Horsemen Studios. All figures are highly articulated and stand in the 6 inch scale. This figure is packaged in a collector friendly blister card with character-specific details and accessories.


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6 inches - 15 cm

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