Months after the Death Star's destruction, the Rebel Alliance continues the fight to dismantle the Empire - if they can stay alive! As Darth Vader closes in on the rebels, an old friend of Luke's is the only one who can stop an Imperial victory - but which side will he choose? Boba Fett takes on a series of deadly assignments - including a seemingly impossible mission - to prove he's still the best game in town! Luke and Leia are faced with dangerous missions of their own - with Vader himself in pursuit! In these dangerous times, can they trust anyone besides one another? Witness the stories that shaped the Rebellion! Collecting STAR WARS: RIVER OF CHAOS #1-4, STAR WARS: EMPIRE #28-40, STAR WARS: REBELLION #1-16, STAR WARS: BOBA FETT - OVERKILL, STAR WARS: BOBA FETT #1/2 and STAR WARS: SPLINTER OF THE MIND'S EYE #1-4 - plus material from STAR WARS: KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC/REBELLION #0; and STAR WARS TALES #3, #15, #17 and #21.


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