The worlds of Transformers robots and Stranger Things collide with the Stranger Things x Transformers Code Red mash-up pack! Transformers robots have always been More Than Meets the Eye. Now fans can experience Transformers characters as they mash-up with iconic characters who share this same quality. As seen in the Netflix series, Stranger Things, Code Red 6.5-inch figure converts from robot to Surfer Boy pizza van mode in 16 steps, featuring screen-accurate deco and details. You can count on Code Red to deliver your food - or firepower - in 30 minutes or less.
This pack comes with show-inspired accessories including a bat, axe, Surfer Boy pizza blaster, pizza box, and blast effect accessories. Packaging is designed to look like a pizza box based on the Surfer Boy pizza from the show.


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6,5 inches - 17 cm

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