(Re)start a vintage Beast Wars collection with this Transformers: Vintage Beast Wars Maximal Cybershark figure! Inspired by the classic 90s toy, this Maximal Cybershark toy is designed like the original version -- including figure styling, packaging, and art from the 1997 Beast Wars releases, plus classic tech specs and accessories.

Upon finding the enemy, Cybershark launches his robotic hammerhead to knock 'em out cold, then finishes the job in robot mode by filleting his prey with his switchblade tail!

Maximal Cybershark figure comes with 4 accessories and converts from hammerhead shark to robot mode in 10 steps.

Clip out and save the on-box tech specs to share, then see how this figure stacks up against other heroic Maximals and evil Predacons (each sold separately).

Includes: figure, 4 accessories, and instructions.

  • RE-CREATION OF THE ORIGINAL BEAST WARS DESIGN: This vintage Beast Wars Maximal Cybershark figure is inspired by the original 1997 Beast Wars release.
  • CLASSIC CONVERSION: Maximal Cybershark figure features classic Beast Wars conversion from hammerhead shark to robot mode in 10 steps
  • VINTAGE WEAPON ACCESSORIES: Maximal Cybershark figure comes with spring-loaded head and tail features, plus 2 launchable torpedo accessories
  • RETRO PACKAGING: Inspired by the original Beast Wars packaging in the "rocky bubble," this pack features the original Beast Wars logo, and character art
  • TECH SPECS: Tech specs for Maximal Cybershark are included on the pack in the classic Beast Wars style fans know and love. Compare figures’ strength, speed, firepower, and more

Data sheet

5.5 inches- 14 cm

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