Learn to draw 100 extraordinary dragons in 6 easy steps, starting with simple shapes. For all ages.

Enter the dragon’s den and draw every scale! From fire-breathing monsters to majestic sea serpents, Paul Bryn Davies’ boundless imagination will inspire you to draw like you never have before. Start off simple with playful hatchlings and soon you’ll be illustrating battling giants and gnarled wyverns. With 100 drawings to choose from, the possibilities (and dragons) are endless.

Every page is broken down into a handful of simple stages that lead you effortlessly through to the finished drawing. There are no written instructions to follow – just basic shapes and pencil strokes. Even if you’ve never drawn anything before, you will be amazed at how quickly you will achieve incredibly impressive drawings. Every project also shows two finished examples of the animal – one shaded with pencil and the other with color.

This is the perfect book for budding artists of all ages who want to stretch their wings!




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