Nick Spencer's unprecedented run on Captain America reaches its thrilling climax in Secret Empire!

Nick Spencer concludes the Cap saga that shocked the world! As Sam Wilson grapples with what it means to be Captain America, Steve Rogers positions himself to claim the U.S.A. as his Secret Empire! The Cosmic Cube has secretly remade the world's greatest hero into a Hydra loyalist. Now, using the trust and respect he's earned over the decades, the former Sentinel of Liberty is poised to make Hydra's fascist ideals a terrifying reality - changing the landscape of the world dramatically! Can Sam and a group of rebels turn the tide? And which heroes will actually fight by Steve's side?! Find out as the impossible becomes real! Hail Hydra!

COLLECTING: Captain America: Sam Wilson (2015) 18-24, Captain America: Steve Rogers (2016) 12-19, Captain America (2017) 25, Secret Empire (2017) 0-10, Secret Empire Omega (2017) 1, Generations: Sam Wilson Captain America & Steve Rogers Captain America (2017) 1; material from Free Comic Book Day 2017 (Secret Empire) 1, Not Brand Ecch (2018) 14




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